Our right to die

Does religion have something to do with our antiquated laws?

So the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled against the Supreme Court of B.C. in the Right to Die with Dignity law.

How did our society come to this situation, whereby 25 per cent of our population can overrule the other 75 per cent?

Who are the people that have this power? Is it the need to update the Constitution? Does religion have anything to do with it?

I know the French part of Canada is not at fault — Quebec is part of the 75 per cent in favor of the right to die movement.

How do we get the attention of the Members of Parliament who voted against this movement a few years ago? They clearly did not listen to their constituents.

Please ask each MP now and at election time how they stand on this issue and demand that they truly represent the people who elected them.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of Canada is not elected and remain 100 years behind.

W.H. Martin