Over the line

Councillor was out of line to say that about our residents' association

As a member of the Qualicum Beach Residents Association, I was insulted at Coun. Dave Willie’s latest episode of conspiracy and paranoia (The NEWS, May 4), inferring that its members do the bidding of the Mayor Teunis Westbroek and Coun. Scott Tanner and that the organization is undemocratic — serious allegations that are simply not true.

I‘m confident in my ability and those of other members to think for ourselves.

I was at the last meeting he referred to. A young woman suggested that evening meetings would attract a more diverse group, particularly those who were at work during the day. It was well received and taken to heart.

I do believe that the QBRA has held some evening meetings in the past.

I joined the QBRA because I am a taxpaying resident and believe that we all should take an interest in what happens in our town.

Individually and through our organization, we should have the ability to express our concerns where decisions are about to be made that may effect the quality of living or the financial viability of the town.

It does not mean that decisions will always go our way, but that we can express our views so that local town staff and council are aware of them.

To Coun. Willie, I would remind him that we tax payers pay the freight here. And, if he has a problem with people who hold a contrary opinion to his own, too bad — it’s called democracy.

Gordon Browne

Qualicum Beach