Parksville’s MAC needs you

The MAC needs help brining and keeping the arts in Parksville

Before us is a chance to revive arts in Parksville. Not the amount of local artists or the quality of the works they create — but the chance to help keep them in the forefront of the community and maintain a central location were existing artists and up-and-comers have a place to show off their work.

Parksville’s McMillan Arts Centre (the MAC) is facing an uncertain future, caused by a decided lack of funding, which they need to keep their current location in the city open. It seems sources of money are drying up for the MAC. While they are receiving a small amount from the City of Parksville, they need more in order to reach out for more grants. They are caught in a bit of a vicious circle.

Parksville does have an active art community and the MAC is at the centre of it all. Unfortunately, not all of the art community — or its supporters — is being drawn in.

The MAC needs our support if it’s going to grow and change to meet the needs of local artists and people who enjoy their work.

Money is one thing, and local governments can only go so far, as they are facing financial constraints of their own. Donations will continue to be sought, after all, there are bills to pay. Yet, the traditional sources of cash (such as provincial grants) are drying up and the demand upon what’s left is immense.

To help shoulder this load, the MAC needs you.

Finding people willing to help, then, falls to the expertise of people — and the MAC needs those people now. People with expertise in finding grants. People whose ideas on promoting art can lift up this place of light and colour. And people who want to live in a community that supports and shows off its artistic talent.

The efforts of the Oceanside Community Arts Council (they run the MAC) will come down to people’s support and the answer you make to the questions: Do you think your community is a better place with art, music and dance? And, what are you willing to do to keep all of that here?