Parrot problem

Letter to the editor about cooking parrots called in bad taste

This letter is in regards to the letter entitled, A Parrot Proposal (The News, April 24).

Are you people so deprived of newsworthy items, or is this just another way of creating emotional reactions?

For you to publish an article from Henry Farrell, or should I say printing garbage, is one bad blemish on those responsible.

Although I have never gone to the parrot sanctuary in Coombs, I take my hat off to those that look after these creatures.

It is no fault of the birds. In fact the fault lies with those that thought they wanted such a pet, without doing adequate research.

Now the burden is on someone else to care for them.

As far as financial help is concerned, I have seen our governments spend monies on a lot less desirable projects.

Maybe some of the money should be put into a government grant to aid in the education of Henry Farrell of Errington, but at what entry level would it start.

Wayne Duke




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