Paul stands up for Parksville

Reitsma gives me confidence for the future of Parksville

I have lived in Parksville for 32 years; seen eight mayor’s come — three in the last four years.

Without a doubt one of the best ones was Paul Reitsma who was also the longest serving mayor. He listens, makes decision, is a good manager, is relentless and has vision. Our taxes were one of the lowest in B.C. by the time he left after nine years.

We did not have to wait for seven days to have the snow cleared from our street which happened this year. We knew there was always money in the bank because he was prudent and thrifty with our tax dollars.

I am in my mid 80s and we are the forgiving type of people, as we have made our share of dumb-ass decisions but were not caught. And we remember our children, and grandchildren making dumb-ass decisions also, always forgiving them. Those “holier than thou” people unable to forgive Paul’s dumb-ass letter writing decision, must have wings.

He has my full support because he stands up for Parksville, and listens to us. We need him to keep our taxes down. Paul was the only candidate at the school trustee meeting last week, speaking up for us who live around Ballenas School. We cannot have 300 to 400 more students if they close KSS.

Paul is a doer, not a talker.

This council has wasted a million bucks on useless studies and consultants. They gave themselves a 23 per cent wage increase when everyone else gets one or two per cent at best.

Ron Thierry