penalizing students

Why is it that students always tend to be the losers in educational disputes

It has been my understanding that a public education system has been established in B.C. for a number of decades. Was this a wasted effort? It seems that whenever a major problem of administration arises the only solution is to take it out on the kids.

How many times over the years has the decision been made to knock off full days of instruction and replace them with a few minutes extra on the remaining daily schedule? Do school authorities not have any sensible solutions that do not penalise the students? How much can any of us expect to learn while awaiting the quitting bell in five minutes time?

So now in District 69 we are hearing of the decision to take five full days off the calendar and replace with a few minutes added to each remaining instructional day, this to make up a $500,000 budget shortfall.  What nonsense!

So what can be looked at to help solve this matter? I pay a pretty substantial school tax each year so is it enough, or more to the point, is it being spent wisely and frugally? Are six-digit salaries appropriate? What about teachers receiving double the provincial average? What about all the support and non-teaching functions which consume substantial amounts? So do we continue to penalise the children for our lack of ability? Is this all that education has given us?

Frank Horner


Qualicum Beach