Pipeline perusal

People need to take a long, hard look at this pipeline proposal

Well it looks like community members on this part of the island are going to get an opportunity to witness and protest this very risky proposal by Enbridge.

Environmentally this pipeline is going to be crossing some 700 rivers across B.C. and many valleys that will leave it vulnerable to much avalanche and seismic activity.

Once it reaches the coast, it will be loaded on tankers and be left open to the turbulent and stormy waters off the north coast of Vancouver Island.

Even economically, if the pipeline is built there is a question of the number long lasting local jobs that will be created.

The Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations have a saying about “everything is one,”  meaning there is connectedness between all systems in nature.

Furthermore, the health of people is also connected to these systems regardless of how immune we believe we are  from such interconnected systems. In this context, what is our role in environmental stewardship? We as average people are called to action.

No longer are people with a real concern for their environment written off as extremists and thereby marginalized. These people are average folks like you and me who realize that we are  connected to the environment and thereby must demonstrate a grounded wisdom.

Chris Lemphers


Qualicum Beach