Position ideological

There's no logical reason for Westbroek's stand on marijuana

So, Mayor Teunis Westbroek wants a reduction in drug usage and is specifically against the legalization of marijuana.

Does this mean that he thinks it’s okay for people to use the other two legal drugs:  alcohol and tobacco?

Using both alcohol and tobacco can cause severe addiction. Alcohol can lead to severe violence when combining it with driving. How many car accidents leading to death happen monthly in this province?

Tobacco addiction leads to numerous diseases, increased hospital stays, and a heavier burden on the taxpayer because of increased medical care.

Marijuana does not seem to carry this kind of baggage. But Mayor Westbroek seems to turn a blind eye to this and seems to agree with Premier Christy Clark and Prime Minister Stephen Harper who want to continue the “War on Drugs” which has so obviously been lost.

Once again, another example of making a decision based upon ideology rather than basing a decision on the facts and ignoring the voters once you are in office.

Dale Andrews