Premier falls flat

B.C. Government lurching from crisis to another crisis

Premier Christy Clark talked big about B.C.’s legal A-team at a Northern Gateway photo op, but her words soon landed on the ground with a resounding bovine plop.

When one of her A-team lawyers tried to ask Northern Gateway’s president about insurance for any spill disasters, the questions were ruled out of order because the current hearings in Edmonton are focused solely on the economic impact of the pipeline.

In other words British Columbia’s high-paid experts hadn’t done their homework and furthermore they didn’t even know what class they were attending.

Does anyone need more proof that Clark’s government lurches from crisis to crisis without any long-term plan?

I feel truly sorry for the honest, hardworking BC Liberal MLAs who have to suffer the indignity of one embarrassment after another simply because of incompetence at the top.

They deserve better and so does British Columbia.

Lloyd Atkins