Problems with poll

Poll about Enbridge pipeline can be interpreted in many ways

Re: Poll shows clear support, (The News, Sept. 28). Really? Having participated in other surveys, I can picture the conversation.

Pollster: Do you support a refinery in Kitimat? Responder: Well, it’s certainly better than sending our crude oil somewhere else.

Pollster: So, you’re somewhat supportive of the proposal. Responder: I guess.

Like the polls The News conducts every week, this is for entertainment value only. With a 2.62 per cent margin of error only, about 1,400 B.C. residents were canvassed, of which over 300 (22 per cent) weren’t aware of the proposal.

Combining the ‘somewhat supportive’ group and the ‘in favour’ group together to obtain the high percentages is the worst form of mathematical dissemination. It’s totally meaningless. What the poll appears to present is that well over half the survey group were undecided.

Darrel Giesbrecht


Qualicum Beach