Put back the sod at health centre site

Why does everything have to be at the same place? Can't we look up an address?

So the proud BC Liberals have actually turned the sod on the pittance we have been granted, otherwise known as the glorious new walk in clinic, also known as the new health care centre.

To be promptly informed that we, as local taxpayers, are obligated — no questions asked — to pay 40 per cent of the escalating cost of this monstrosity is yet a further insult.

We already have a walk in clinic, as well as an X-ray facility, two lab outlets, mental health offices, drug and alcohol offices, and Community Seniors Outreach Service offices.

To leave all of these existing offices vacant is ridiculous.

How stupid does Ron Cantelon think we are in saying that these services must be grouped in one central location? Why, because we are incapable of finding an address?

Obviously, the whole thing is a sweetheart deal between the existing government and private enterprise.

I witnessed firsthand the indignities suffered by Gordon Hesby at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Please say it is not too late to campaign for the small hospital we were promised by Gordon Campbell 10 years ago.

Norma Hesby


Qualicum Beach