Question was telling

Thoughtful, kind response was what writer is looking for in a mayor

At Tuesday night’s all candidates forum in Qualicum Beach, I noted with interest, candidates speaking to the noted lack of young families choosing the town to reside in and possible solutions.

Then a question was asked by an obviously frustrated young woman about her reality of a problem for her, the infrequency of garbage pickup.

My recollection was that all candidates but one were resoundingly opposed to her asking to revisit the policy due to present cost savings.

The one exception who appeared to recognize the possible inherent problems caused by existing policy on young families and suggested that there might be a way of handling families differently than the population at large, was none other than our present mayor, Teunis Westbroek

It was a classic example of the reflective and constructive leadership that we have come to know since moving here eight years ago. Perhaps it was another example of listening to and  hearing rather than just listening and reacting!

John McLenahan


Qualicum Beach