Recycle that gray water

Nobody talks about water recycling - but they should

Much has been written in The News over the past few months about the current and future supply of water in the Oceanside area.  

There is talk of millions of dollars required for infrastructure upgrades etc.  

Nowhere in the talks held and reported have I seen any mention about the recycling of water.  Equipment is available — but apparently not blessed by the provincial government — which can be retrofitted to existing homes or built in to new construction.  

It is very simple.  Gray water, i.e. water from sinks, showers/tubs and laundries, can be diverted to a tank where it is filtered and stored. This tank is plumbed to toilets and the water used again for flushing.  

According to the manufacturer of this system up to 35 per cent of normal water usage can be saved.

Over the last few years I have discussed this with some local politicians who displayed no interest. 

I have also corresponded with the bureaucrats in Victoria who are responsible for the development of a new so-called green building code.  Not interested. It makes you wonder!

 Lou Gueho