Reform the banks

HST is only a part of the problem

The debate concerning the HST referendum could include consideration of how to secure stable funding for government services, through the simple economics of the issuance of our own money — thus invalidating the need for consumption taxation.  

We are being coerced into accepting the premise that we need taxation to service the ever growing demands of public spending. The majority of our spending goes toward servicing our debt.  

Think of the social and public programs that we could afford if we no longer had to pay compounding interest on borrowing the use of our own money.  

Think of the companies that would benefit and the jobs this would create.  

We need to compel politicians of all parties to exercise their constitutional obligations and implement exclusive authority over the nation’s money supply.  

It is within the power and duty of parliament to advance significant reform to our banking and monetary policies and stop the seepage of our wealth into the coffers of private banking systems and global financiers.   

The Bank of Canada has the right to issue paper money and our government is obliged to conform to this law to ensure accountability to the people. If we issue our own money through the Bank of Canada, we can spend that money into existence and free ourselves from usury.  

Jean Allan