Report card needed

Not only students need report cards. Politicians could also use them

If report cards are important, then perhaps we should mandate the politicians, both provincial and federal to also receive a annual report card. I fear however the report would not be good.

The list of subjects that would receive a failing grade are extensive.

The environment is causing weather phenomena’s around the world and scientists are saying the oceans levels are rising. Prime Minister Harper has pulled us out of the Kyoto agreement because Canada was so far behind in meeting International standards on pollution.

Both federal and provincial financial management has put our economy in peril.

Provincially, Hydro, BC Ferries, families in need and our medical system are all in trouble. And the Liberals want to sell off more government assets to manage a budget.

Federally, OAS and CPP are being reworked, aboriginal communities are in trouble, spending on 30 more positions in parliament, military hardware spending is over the top and Conservative  politicians pensions outrageously excessive.

These changes to our country and province are being made primarily at the expense of the middle class working person and the seniors. Inflation far exceeds any income increases and the poor become more poverty stricken while large corporations and businesses get the tax breaks.

Most Canadians have a complacent, passive and naive personality with no-one wanting to ruffle any feathers and we do not protest in the streets. However, if you are unhappy with the system, write, phone or e-mail your MLA and MP to express your outrage and ask for answers.

Mr. Harper, Mr. Lunney and Ms. Christie Clark, you all receive an F on your report cards.

Don Reitsma