Review welcome

Please remove the bandages before examining the wounds.

While reading an article in the Times Colonist this morning it became abundantly clear that a core review is very necessary, not for the general staff but for the bureaucrats and politicians.

Although we all know that the rising costs of sound medical practices is a major concern and the resultant drain on allowable funds from the provincial coffers is unsustainable, there is no effort to address the gaping wounds of annual health costs.

No part of the government is doing any surgery. Bandages are applied to conceal the wounds, but no underlying corrective measures are taken.

B.C. Deputy Health minister Whitmarsh picks up his 300 K severance package as he exits the room.

Lest we forget, he is the man that ensured the demise of Therapeutic International for approximately twice his “golden handshake.”

Nowhere have I heard anything that the new Minister Brown will, and I implore the government to use the word “will,” ensure that Stephen Brown will contact all his counterparts in other provinces to ensure that a collective voice will be raised to establish a national medical plan to ensure equality across Canada and ensure the best pricing for medicines and medical equipment.

Today we still need out of province insurance when we travel across this great and of ours.

The provincial government cannot continue to simply bandage the continuing abrasion.

The solution is not that complicated if there is a will to correct it. Get the best national service for the best price.

Unless the cost of prescription medicines and medical equipment is controlled we will financially bleed to death at the expense of inaction.

Yes, let us have a review, but please remove the bandages before examining the wounds.

Bob Tritschler