Road must be shared

Drivers need to be more courteous of scooters

I put my gas guzzling van in mothballs when I bought my 50cc. motor scooter in May.

I’ve ridden the scooter to and from work every day since then. The bike is insured and requires a class 5 licence. No regrets … 80-100 mpg …it’s awesome! So much fun.

I’ve been driving for over 40 years, everything from farm machinery to tractor-trailers but this scooter makes me smile! I am careful, watchful, vigilant and I know the rules of the road. Most drivers are courteous and acknowledge the scooter as a vehicle with the same rights and needs as any other. I’m happy about that.

However, there are exceptions.

As I was riding home on Friday around 12:30 p.m. I passed the fire hall and made a left turn onto Hirst. As I made the turn a white Chevy Astro was right on my tail … about four feet back … and maintained that distance until I made another left turn into my home, at which point the male driver swerved along side and yelled, ”You’re gonna get hurt on that thing!”

Very true, I thought, especially when there are jerks like you driving around.

Needless to say I gave him my best finger and beckoned him to come take his best shot. He just kept on speeding away up Hirst.

I swear, at that moment, I could have pulled his head off.

Doug Kew





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