Rude shopper doesn’t speak for community

Re: Should be parking for expectant mothers (The NEWS, March 30).

I am writing in response to the letter from Megan Fox published in the March 30 edition.

On behalf of residents of Parksville/Qualicum Beach, I offer a sincere apology to Ms. Fox.

I am also offended by the unkind and rude comments made to her by another shopper in the grocery store. I do not think the majority of residents of this lovely and caring community would respond to Megan this way.

In my view, Megan is perfectly entitled to park in the parent parking spaces while pregnant.

I hope this was simply another shopper having a very bad day. There is only pity for someone who’s life is so empty she has to monitor the parking habits of others.

Megan; you and other young families are indeed welcome here. Namaste.

Penny Harvie