Save our pensions

As a generation, we need to make our voices heard in Ottawa

Talking about reducing Old Age Pension for Canadians when MPs that have only worked for six years can pull in annual pensions that would could probably fund anywhere from 10 to 30 seniors per year — get real. Plus those same MPs don’t have to wait until they are 65. Our system is totally screwed up.

I am so angry at the moment! I know that with the majority government Canada now has, we who are being impacted only have one voice each, but as a generation we will be heard. I have worked, voted and supported my government my whole life and this is the thanks Canadian seniors get.

Try reforming MP pensions — there’s lots of money there. The B.C. government already stole one pension from me in 2004 (the Skeena Cellulose Inc. Bankruptcy).

Don’t make it happen again!

Hank randrup