School bully tactic

Bullies - like the provincial government - will only stop when they are confronted

We hear constant complaints from school board members from around the province, as to how government underfunding is seriously eroding the quality of education in our schools.

Then we hear, but we have to do their bidding or they will fire us!

This is a classic case of bullying and like all bullies  if we do their bidding they will just keep coming.

Bullies will only stop when they are confronted.

So all school boards in the province should prepare a budget that meets the basic needs of their community and send it in.

Dare the government to fire all the boards and appoint an administrator.

My bet is that they would change their behaviour and if not, well an election is coming.

If you ran for the school board you should stand up for your district, not inflict more pain on your friends and neighbors.

Lorne Tetarenko


Qualicum Beach