School group is getting it right

Oceanside Communities for Quality Education group is outstanding!

Oceanside Communities for Quality Education group is outstanding!

Congratulations on their Forum to save KSS and preserve quality public education in Qualicum Beach.

In my time working to stop the sell-off of public school lands and hospital lands, I have rarely encountered such a strong and organized community and such warm hospitality.

It was inspiring to see so many citizens discussing the value of the high school and strategies for stewardship.

They expressed themselves passionately, civilly and with extraordinary determination.

Thanks to Lynette Kershaw and others, the community is more prepared and knowledgeable. I have every confidence they will make the future of public education and KSS a key issue in elections at all levels of government over the coming months.

They understood that the schools are only protected until after the next provincial election and I know they will be successful in supporting candidates who make stewardship of public education and public lands a key part of their platforms.

With admiration and wishing them Godspeed!

Jessica Van der Veen

Qualicum Beach

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