Shameful slander from Ottawa

Justice Tom Berger did it right with his MacKenzie Valley pipeline probe

When I hear the irresponsible and irrational charges of foreign plots to stop progress that are emanating from the mouths of the prime minister and minister Oliver, coupled with knee-jerk charges of radicalism, I can’t help but wonder:  where is Justice Tom Berger when we need him?

He managed to conduct a civil and democratic hearing on the MacKenzie Valley pipeline that gave voice to both the industry and the communities that were to be affected and pulled together a sound set of policy recommendations that held for several decades and did no harm to Canada’s economy.

We should keep in mind that the gas and oil currently still in the ground aren’t going to go anywhere until we actually dig them up.

The current National Energy Board-appointed commission is locked into what the PM has decided is a foregone ruling against the environment.

John Olsen