Shop locally

If you find it necessary to shop in Nanaimo, maybe you should live there

Re: Warren Bailey warns us that we need Big Box Stores (The News,  Sept. 9).

I’m glad that the writer of this letter knows that he can buy a cheaper cut of meat at big box stores in Nanaimo. Perhaps he should go and live in Nanaimo.

In the meantime, the rest of us who chose to live here should continue to educate ourselves about how our economy is manipulated by people who run big box stores, how our small towns are destroyed by the type of developments they encourage, and how our wages and standard of living are eroded by the salaries they pay.

We just might choose not to race to the bottom and shop at these big box stores!

Wake up Mr. Bailey and start thinking like a citizen, not just a consumer — and not  just  about that cheap cut of meat.

If you do, we just might start building a better world!

Andrew Brown


Qualicum Beach