Should be parking for expectant mothers

On Tuesday, March 28, I had arrived at QF for $1.49 days. I’m eight months pregnant and have some sore joints like many pregnant ladies get. So I parked in the parent parking and continued on my way.

As I was going to check out an older woman came up to me and asked if I owned my vehicle and said my kids were screaming in the car. I then said to her I didn’t have my children with me as they are in school. Then she said “Exactly! You can’t park in parent parking then!”

I looked at her just dumbfounded and said I’m pregnant, actually. And she said because the baby wasn’t with me I’m not a parent! Yelling and screaming at me, making a complete scene in the store!

I could not believe it. I turned to her and said “well, good morning to you.” Do you even know how many elderly people park there?

As I write this I just want something done to change the parking spots to parents and expectant mothers like so many other places have, so there aren’t issues with people like this.

In a town that wants to draw younger families into it, I did not feel welcome. I cannot imagine this happening to someone else.

I am completely appalled by the people in this town, as a person who works in this town and lives here. I do not feel welcome because of some choices some noisy people think they are entitled to make.

Megan Fox

Qualicum Beach