Signatures matter

Those loops and squiggles actually have some very interesting meanings

I read with interest Arthur Black’s recent column in The NEWS on signatures because I am a graphologist, someone who interprets these loops and squiggles.

Signatures represent our public persona, and those who deliberately develop a signature that is illegible are very often wanting to remain a mystery, someone anonymous and unaccountable. I nearly wrote to the press last week when I saw a high-form level signature on a doctor’s note. I expect  this doctor is a good doctor, why? Because his private values align with his public role.

As a mentor, I get people to write in order to tweak a habit which may be self-sabotaging. The most common self-sabotaging habit is that of signing and then crossing through the names. Everyone is important, and your signature says that you matter.

It is impossible to forge a signature, even if it is simple, so don’t let this be an excuse to cross yourself out, or get entangled in loops. Vulnerability is a strength; it does take strength to be authentic, and if you want help with re-designing your signature, let me know.

Victoria Fabling


Qualicum Beach