Someone is missing

Carol sheet for some reason excluded any mention of Jesus Christ

Iwas pleased to see the insert in this week’s publication for the kids, a great idea to involved our children in the coming Christmas activities.

What I was surprised about was the selection of carols listed in the insert … surprised because not one carol was about “The Reason for The Season,” the ‘Person’ of Christmas (no … not Santa Claus), as a matter of fact, the person of which the word ‘Christmas” is derived, Jesus Christ, and His birth.

Do you not think that those who selected these carols should have given some thought as to educating or reminding our children what this wonderful time of year is truly about?

It seems this so smacks of political correctness when people feel they cannot simply state the true and historical facts of the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ in song.

Surely one of the seven carols could have proclaimed that?

Peter Hoodspith