Statements confusing

MP seems to think statistics are bad some times, good others

MP James Lunney must be one of the dimmer bulbs on the Harper Christmas tree this year.

First he tells us (The News, Dec. 6) that the statistics as reported by Stats Canada about the drop in the crime rate: “If you believe that stuff about the statistics saying crime is going down, someone is missing something with reality.”

Oh, I forgot, the Conservative government always criticizes any statistic if the statistic does not agree with its neoconservative dogma.

Yes, that is the reason why he and his government want to dismantle parts of Stats Canada.

Then he says 31 per cent, a very precise figure, of all crimes are not reported.

So, if they are not reported, then how come he knows unreported crimes are at 31 per cent?

Is this one of the unknown unknowns that became famous in U.S. politics?

Is he using some of his own Conservative polling data or is this just a figure he pulled out of the air?

As for the cost of the prisons of $78.6 million over five years, how much will the actual cost of building the prisons actually be? His government will not give us, the Canadian taxpayers, a price on this.

Where will the money come from? Medicare after 2014? After all, your leader Stephen Harper is a strong believer in private healthcare.

Just read what he had to say when he was the vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition Speech in 1997.

Dale E. Andrews