Stilwell is worthy

Anyone who says someone else isn't eligible for an award should be ashamed

For any local citizen to publicly say another citizen is not worthy to be nominated for a community award is outrageous.

A recent letter writer Frank Horner should be ashamed of himself for his personal attack on Michelle Stilwell.

He not only attempts to demean Stilwell but calls into question the credibility and judgement of the people who nominate, the awards committee, the host organization and the event sponsors.

If Stilwell was not a candidate for elected office, would this letter have been written? Is this another indicator of campaigning ugliness for the upcoming election?

Michelle Stilwell is an amazing woman who has happily volunteered with every event  I have invited her to since I met her in 2008.

She goes beyond that, she knows how to add value to events and is incredibly generous with her time, even when it was limited. She is a genuinely nice person who knows the value of community and who regularly steps up to the plate to contribute in a positive way.

I am proud to call her a neighbour in Oceanside. Thank-you to whoever nominated her for the Glassie.

Wendy Maurer


Qualicum Beach