Stop means stop

Resident upset about drivers not coming to compete stops

A stop means stop, not a roll stop, unless you are from a different country and this means something else.

The other day (Saturday, June 29) I was walking with two of my grandchildren and going through the crosswalk at McVickers Street and Stanford, a truck rolled up and did not stop at all, just a slow crawl, and then took off when we passed the front end of his truck.

The rule does state that you must wait until the people cross from side to side before leaving the intersection. My concern is that what if something fell out of the stroller and I had to bend down to pick it up, the driver may not of seen this and hit me or the kids.

Maybe some people need to take their driver’s test again. Also maybe the RCMP can do more traffic enforcement for these violations.

Wayne L. Sapieha