Stores’ demise could be environmental blessing

A recent national television broadcast advised that the retail giant Sears Canada is contemplating either the possible restructuring of its business, closing some of its retail outlets or looking for a possible buyer of its business.

The loss of direct store sales and online purchases from other stores is apparently crippling its profitability.

The current and growing mania of sitting at home and shopping by tweeking and texting is a new lifestyle rage for young and even elderly computer geeks.

The ability to stroll through a department store checking, feeling and comparing the various sales items no longer seems important to many.

Large box store warehouses could be the apparent dominant trend. Existing retail outlets could then be demolished and the old store sites could be converted to green, treed parkland.

Some dedicated online shoppers may even consider the possiblity of selling their vehicles.

That in itself could well be an enviromental blessing.

Jack Biickert