Suggestion for the ferries

Duke Point should be reserved exclusively for commercial traffic

It appears to me that one place where BC Ferries could save a substantial amount of money is on the Duke Point/Tsawwassen run.

Last year, due to an accident that damaged the ferry dock, the terminal was closed for several months in order to carry out repairs. From what I heard there wasn’t a huge disruption in either passenger or commercial business.

I suggest that Duke Point be closed entirely to passenger traffic. I think it should be used only for commercial use and commercial vehicles should be re routed to Duke Point and not allowed at Departure Bay.

Departure Bay could then have ferries running both to Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen for “walk on” and all other vehicle traffic as they did during the closure of Duke Point. This plan would also free up more capacity for holiday travel trailers, motor homes and cars. I believe such drastic measures are necessary to keep the fares down.

Susan W. Mosty