Suicide preventable

Remember to make sure your children know you love them

Research shows that teenagers, especially at the age of 12 and 13, are prone to suicide particularly when close friends had taken their own lives.

Parents of today should be extremely cautious and watch their children carefully. My son, who has lost two promising students through suicide over the past two years, has suggested and cautions parents to be more attentive to their teenage children.

He recommends that parents should show love to them, even though they might show embarrassment when they do so. He said “they will remember your love and interest in them.” He also strongly advised that when children have their own room to check on them before you retire and before you leave early in the morning.

One suicide maybe could have been prevented. A friend of the one who took her own life noticed on Facebook that she wrote “that heaven seems a good place to be.” She told this to her mother because she was worried. Even though it was late in the evening, the mother drove to the house to warn the parents.  However, when she arrived it seems that everyone had retired to bed so she was hesitant to wake the family. This mother will never forget that she did not wake up the family, because the next morning her daughter’s friend was found dead; she too had taken her own life.

Ary Sala


Fanny Bay