Support is lacking

Where is all this support the project proponent claims is there?

In your August 27 edition, Compliance Coal CEO Stephen Ellis stated that the proposed coal mine at Buckley Bay/ Fanny Bay has the support of local residents.

Such an assertion demands scrutiny in the light of the facts.

Briefly, the facts opposing or expressing concern of  this proposed mine are as follows:

• Some 65 individual organizations and businesses have registered their opposition/concern (list available upon request).

• nine local governments and elected representatives expressed opposition or concern.

• two Labor councils.

• two First Nations.

• approximately 5,000 submissions with over 95 per cent indicating concern for and/or opposition to the project.

• an estimated 1,500 persons turned out for the three public meetings.

The above facts clearly indicate that there is no social license for this mine.

They stand in stark contrast to the comments of Ellis.

Campbell Connor