Sustainable option

Coal mine in Fanny Bay area would be a boon to the local area and the environment

What Mr. Mesford (The News, April 13) fails to realize is that coal will continue to be mined throughout his lifetime and probably throughout his kid’s life times as well.

The transition to non-coal usage may never happen and therefore in the mean time we should be transitioning to the most environmentally safe mining operations available anywhere in the world and that is those that operate here in Canada.

The Raven mine is part of the sustainable equation.  This mine will displace some of the non-sustainable coal that is produced elsewhere in the world and will mitigate some of the global environmental problems he perceives that might occur.

And this is aside from the fact that we, as Canadian consumers of products created by coal generated energy, should be producing this energy in our own back yards.

Alf Randall


Qualicum Beach