Sympathy, but that’s about it

How many really poor people can afford to go to the Philippines for a vacation?

It seems to me that Auren Ruvinsky in his editorial (The News, Feb. 3) is just a little bit off track.

Just how “poor” is poor?

I certainly know of no poor people who have the chance to travel to the Philippines, even if it’s just for a cheap vacation with family members.

As for medical travel insurance, that is a personal decision which anyone who travels abroad  has to make for themselves.

It is a matter of choice, and if you have health considerations before leaving this country, you have to be aware of the potential consequences — including financial ones.

My sympathies go out to Mr. Lowe during this time, but that is it.

He made his choices.

Auren Ruvinsky’s article could have used a much better example to differentiate the income inequality between the rich and the poor.

Let’s hope  he does better in future editorials.

Evelyn Bradford