Syria is not our fight

Do you think we might learn something from other disastrous interventions?

I have been disturbed the past few months by what I see as yet another attempt to entangle the Western (NATO) countries in another endless war. Surely we have learned by now that the Arab countries and many Muslim non-Arab nations are beset by internal religious and tribal factions that defy our bumbling intervention.

I’m referring to the current civil war now raging in Syria and the almost constant beat of the war drums pushing us towards intervention. All the tired old propaganda stories are there, many recycled from the deceptions surrounding the invasion of Iraq.

We have all heard of the use of citizens as human shields, the mistreatment of children, the fate of women and any day we will hear of babies being ejected from incubators. I don’t categorically deny any of these stories but I do say it’s past time that the Muslim world be left alone to sort out internal problems, some of which go back centuries.

There is enormous wealth in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia in particular. They can well afford their own little war, we cannot and should not.

Harvey Dorval


Qualicum Beach