Take the first step

If the process really is going to be open and transparent, let's get started

So the Qualicum Beach council — or some of them — have decided that a new firehall has top overall priority.

It may cost $4 million, perhaps even $5 million, no one knows, but whatever, we don’t have the money so will have to borrow. At the same time all other capital improvements and protective measures will be put on the back burner.

All this, up to this point, has been decided with no reference to the citizens who will pay this enormous price. Opinions around town are mixed.

This needs to be publicly debated. Councillor Brouillette has stated the public will be absolutely involved in the process.

Let’s get this public involvement going quickly. Let’s get into the open that many think it a nice to have but not a need to have. Let’s debate how much of an improvement it will be to locate the new hall to the far edge of town. Let’s be sure that it is wanted by the majority before taking the first step to implementation.

Frank Horner


Qualicum Beach