Terre Verde: now that’s more like it

Developers worked within the OCP and didn't ask for special favours

I read with interest your story on the Terre Verde building on Memorial Avenue in Qualicum Beach. 

 What a treat to read about developers who actually work with the planning staff of our community rather than fighting for variances or complaining about the OCP in their effort to bring us more of the same old type of development. 

 Surely developers who are willing to work with our staff and respect the vision of members of the community as expressed in the quality of life surveys and the OCP are the kinds of entrepreneurs we want in our town.

 I cannot help but notice the size of the signs on the Terre Verde building — which I think are very attractively done. 

 As much as I agree with a number of business practices of QF in Qualicum, I think their QF sign is obscene and should be removed.  It should not serve as a precedent for other commercial signs in the town — and that includes the one for Dolly’s Home Hardware. 

Y.A. Zarowny

Qualicum Beach

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