The fun of “if”

I did not realize the Kinder Morgan project had been approved.

A friend sent me a copy of a letter The NEWS published from Joe Sawchuk in Duncan. One sentence from Sawchuk, who was writing about another letter by Parksville’s Bernie Smith, shook me: “if Smith would take the time to do his research, he would have noticed that the Kinder Morgan project is still a go in B.C.”

I did not realize that it had been approved. My fault, I had not continued with the sentence: “if Kinder Morgan can guarantee all of the stipulations asked of the B.C.Liberal government.”

‘If’ is such a small word with a tremendous impact. Some samples that came to my flu warped mind: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that he will resign if Canada bans selfies. The B.C. Mining Association has stated that it will double its financial contributions to the B.C. Liberal Party if Premier Christie Clark will stop telling countries that she will help wean them off coal.

How about massive worldwide unemployment forecast if Apple Corp starts selling its Infallible Lie Detector Machine. And finally: The B.C. Law Society will grant Premier Clark an Honourable Q.C. designation if she continues to increase lawyer billable hours as she has over the past six years.

All in fun, humour mixed with realism.

Harry MayorWest Vancouver