The plot thickens

Even with a refinery, you still have to move bitumen

It is plain to see that it is money — both current and prospective — that is driving what has become misnomered as our “civilization.”

The concerns of the individuals are overridden or ignored when major corporate or political interests are challenged.

Wonderful benefits — billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, absolute protection of the environment — are promised over a life-span beyond what most of us can reasonably expect.

We see all this same-old, same-old as David Black’s proposal for his Kitimat Clean Ltd. gains further boosts from the spinmeisters.

Unfortunately, the two main objections are ignored: transfer of bitumen goo in a safe and hazard-free way across a thousand miles of sensitive ecology; and the introduction of hundreds of oil tanker ships into one of the world’s most sensitive coastlines.

Stay alert. The plot thickens.

F. H. Horner


Qualicum Beach