They will thank us

There's more to the bus garage site than just the cost

The town purchased the old school bus property for $1.5 million and one of our newly elected council members, Dave Willie, does not think it was such a good idea and is of the opinion that whatever happens to the property, the important thing is the focus should be on recovering that money.

I would suggest that recovering the money should be the least of his concern, it should become part of what the town has to offer its citizens.

The library does not recover its cost, nor does a swimming pool, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, biking and hiking trails and numerous other things that form part of the community.  We all pay for it by way of property taxes and we may not use all of the facilities that are available to us, but they are there and that what makes a community liveable and attractive.

I have no idea as what will become of the property but I would suggest that it be something that would complement the Old School House next door, and if that means we won’t recover the money so be it, but it will become part of the downtown community and future generations will thank us.

Barney Feenstra

Qualicum Beach