Think first

I read Del Kristalovich’s letter on Aug. 3 with great interest.

I read Del Kristalovich’s letter on Aug. 3 with great interest. I concur with the contents but having lived here for almost 14 years, no councilor is going to make us feel unwelcome, no matter how mature we are.

With reference to Dean Dreger’s letter on July 13, so, 610 people in the 65-85 age bracket, moved to Qualicum Beach from 2006 to 2011, that is only 122 per year. Look around, there are several schools in this area and young people everywhere.

My husband and I shop in Qualicum Beach unless the item we need is not available here.

Like the Kristalovichs, we are volunteers.

Also I appreciate the service provided here in many places, particularly the library, the post office and Quality Foods.

I am interested in many events that happen in Qualicum Beach.

Even though I have no children I recently attended a seminar about child poverty in British Columbia. I am interested in this as I have seen so many young mothers, mostly in the winter, whose young children, do not appear to be dressed warmly. Is this because of lack of money or parenting skills?

I deviate from the purpose of my letter but want to point out that I am not too old to get out of my recliner in the evening to attend something that interests me.

Leave the mature citizens alone. Believe me, those who object to us obviously have no idea how much we do for the community, how much we spend here and how much fun we have.

Think about this before you make anymore of us feel as unwelcome as the Kristalovichs feel.

Vivien Sansom

Qualicum Beach