Third World seniors

Anyone who thinks all is right with the seniors' world has another think coming

Seniors — are they really getting a raw deal in Canada?

If there is anyone our there that doesn’t think so either, they have their head in the sand, or have too much money to care.

If seniors are getting the level of care they deserve in care homes, how about those trying to live independently to stay out of them? Do they not come under the same umbrella for decent care for seniors?

Many seniors are living, if you can call it that, facing their so-called golden years well below the poverty level, having to prioritize between eating or medication. More than we know, seniors go through this same scenario at the end of the month.

But how can we expect our government or those in authority to understand, or do anything about these issues when they have issues of their own, like how or what to spend of their humongous pensions they have awarded themselves?

If there was an award for negligence on all levels of senior care, they definitely earned it.

To seniors of sound mind, we must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves, much less defend themselves.

They have given so much to build the model of society and yet are being treated as Third World country citizens.

Ann Matthews