This huge project should be shelved

Not all factors are being taken into consideration

Recent voting results at both levels of senior government have shown that a majority of Oceanside residents have little concern for the ecological protection of their chosen home.

We are now at the mercy of two far right ideologies for which economic activity reigns supreme.

In The News of May 13 the report of majority support for a 1,675-home development in Nanoose Bay is followed by water shortage warnings throughout the Arrowsmith Water Service area.

The regional district board will now vote on third reading of the motion to amend the OCP and permit the vast urban sprawl that the Regional Growth Management Plan is supposed to prevent. So much for planning to protect our quality of life!

It is argued that this proposal will provide much work for the building trades. Yes, and then leave a mass of the well-known urban problems. Perhaps we could relax the laws on murder in order to keep the funeral homes busy?

Like many other mega-proposals — Bamberton, Ucluelet, Mt.  Arrowsmith and Bear Mountain  – over recent years, this one should also be shelved.

 F.H. Horner

Qualicum Beach