This isn’t spin

We aren't against development. We just want it done within the OCP

I have just finished reading editor John Harding’s editorial in the Tuesday, Oct. 9 edition of The News.

I am the person who suggested in the public meeting that if council believes in granting variances to zoning and OCP bylaws to let owners build outside the downtown core, that council is deciding against its own City of Parksville Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

Furthermore, I stated that the bylaws that subsidize the ‘official downtown’ for revitalization, and the one that subsidizes parking either 50 per cent or 100 per cent by all taxpayers, should be done away with.

This is not a negative spin on development at the southern gateway to the city. It is against the request for changes to our OCP and zoning bylaws.

Why should Parksville taxpayers pay, by subsidies, for density to occur in our downtown when the changes to our OCP and zoning bylaws negate this density?

Elaine Hofer