Time for a new captain on the bridge

Mike Wansink brings an unique background to the table

Mike Wansink’s platform is a refreshing change, as it embodies an acutely educated awareness of the realistic challenges that must be accommodated in order for any community or city to survive and thrive within the economic realities of today’s world.

To sustain the incredible quality of life that Qualicum Beach has enjoyed over the past 50 years, one must accept that the currents upon which she exists have changed course, and a new set to her sails is necessary to ensure smooth sailing into the future.

Wansink brings to the table a unique and remarkable professional background combined with a personal drive and determination that I believe would ensure Qualicum’s ability to sustain both it’s lifestyle and economic viability well into the future.

In today’s world of politicians we are often left to choose from a small group of candidates whose mandates are founded more in interests of personal gain or satisfaction of egocentric issues.

Wansink’s motivates are a rarer commodity in today’s world, for they are born of a personal commitment and dedication to the ideal of selfless contribution to country and community simply for the good of all.

I believe it is now time that we allowed this new captain to take the bridge.

Liz J. Kyle


Qualicum Beach