Tiny birds need big attention in feeding

I just love hummingbirds and take care of them year-round. I take pride and care in making sure their food is fresh and the feeders are clean.

I know many other people feel the same way, but maybe are not aware of how delicate these birds are and how important it is to be dedicated to the health of these tiny creatures.

They are very fragile and can easily become sick from dirty feeders or food that has not been changed at least once a week — or even more often, when it is hot.

They can get a fungal tongue infection that is deadly; they die a painful death from starvation. In humans this is called thrush.

If you should see one with their tongue swollen and out of their mouths it is sadly a sure sign of this disease.

Just wanted to share this so people are aware if you love and want to feed these precious birds please do it with care and attention.

Louie Schaaf