Toilet disgust

These toilet facilities need some serious work before I'll go in them again

I wonder who I can complain to about the state of the toilets in Rathtrevor Park.

I walk my dog through there most days and cannot find a clean toilet to use. This appears worse since the new ones were put into place last year.

I noticed early on last summer that each one I went in was getting covered from the top all the way down the insides of the actual pan in feces and probably due to people not wanting to touch anything in there — the lids were left up, consequently the toilets including all around the seat area was full of flies.

I did find a worker and asked if there was any type of steam cleaning that could be done.

The next week ,there seemed to have been an attempt at cleaning but they were still disgusting and still are.

I just wonder in this day and age of ‘superbugs’ how this can just be left.

Obviously there are no sinks for hand washing, no alcohol hand rub so something needs to be done before camping season and someone gets really sick.

There are lots of little kids use these facilities who do not understand how important hygiene is — this is putting lives at risk.

These toilets are still as disgusting today as they were at the beginning of last summer.

Anne Brook