Tom is predictable

You never have to wonder where Tom Fletcher is going to stand on an issue

The great utility of having a columnist like Tom Fletcher is you don’t have to read him to know what his opinion is going to be on any significant subject.

Tueday’s column tricked me. The headline, “Poll finds open minds on oil pipeline,” led me to think it was a news story so I read the first part before I was moved to note the by-line.

Every other journalist I heard from noted the near total lack of public support for the Enbridge tar sands pipeline; Fletcher takes a contrarian point of view.

Actually, the real headline is at the end of his second para: “Only seven percent indicated unqualified support for the line.”

I guess I’ll just have to continue to fight against this outrageous exploitation of non-renewable resources and hope British Columbians don’t succumb to the premier’s siren song about collecting revenue from the gamble that we will earn enough money out of the venture to pay for the inevitable environmental disaster.

Is there enough money in the world to do that?

John Olsen