Tour is selfless

Seeing the Tour de Rock riders brought tears to my eyes

I was driving home along the Old Island Highway a couple of days ago when I came upon four police motorcycles and a couple of cruisers, all with lights flashing.

“What’s going on?” I wondered.

When I realized it was Tour de Rock, I gasped and the tears started to flow.

You see, I’m a mother with two small children. When my now eight-month-old daughter was just eight days old, we almost lost her. She had a reaction to the codeine from the pills I was given after my C-section. She was exposed to it by nursing. She stopped breathing and turned blue in a Courtenay store.

While a reaction is rare, the outcome is usually death. The doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital fought for six hours to save my little girl’s life, and I am grateful to them and to God every day.

I was so moved by seeing Tour de Rock. What a wonderful and selfless thing they are doing to help other people’s children!

I couldn’t imagine what I would do if one of my babies was sick with cancer, and my heart goes out to any parent that has to see their child suffer or die.

I’m very grateful to Tour de Rock for all they do to fight this nasty disease, and I feel very privileged to see them in action. Thank-you for all you do!

Connie Pfeiffer


Qualicum Beach